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Roofing and Cladding Products

Structural FRP

Structural FRP That Optimizes the Specific Needs and Applications

In modern world, focus and importance is more on the structures which can be developed easily, generate a long lifecycle, and can produce fast economic return. In this aspect FRP structures are gaining rapid recognition worldwide in the paradigm of building and development of infrastructure. Infrastructural Engineers, Development Architects and Building constructors prefer FRP materials of their choice and preference on various projects and development works they undertake. FRP structures are mostly used in various fields of constructional work, as these provide very high strength capacity and infuse extended life, as compared to other conventional building materials that were in use at some time. These new materials improve the construction ability, lower cost in the respect of field installation, and improve sustainability as these are resistive to rot and corrode in most environmental conditions, which ultimately result in lowering the maintenance cost.

FRP Beams

FRP beams include those constructional beams and support stands that are used in various constructional and developmental works. These are mostly used due to their Corrosion resistive features. These also enhance ultimate safety because of their non conductive, non magnetic, properties. These are very light weight in comparison to other conventional beams. FRP beams also provide high strength and long lifecycle which ultimately result in lowering the maintenance cost.

FRP Channels

FRP Channels are highly utility based materials that are used in the diversified field of machine function and application. These are used in dry type application and machines / power transition system / electrical transformers, electrical switchgear, electric chocks, various cable trays, and electrical power resistor. These are also used in various electrical insulation gadgets and applications.

FRP Angles & Panels

FRP Angles & Panels are mostly essential in making various utility products and applications such as, utility benches, developing shelves and ladders, utility racks and many more. FRP angles are manufactured with high quality raw materials, and applications of the latest technological innovation, maintaining superior quality norms and standards. These are available in variable shapes and sizes and also can be customized according to the specific needs and preference.

Custom FRP Profile

It is important to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the customer penetrating almost the niche segment. Therefore it demands to perform customized FRP profiles for the various needs and utilities. Customized FRP profiles have successfully delivered in various supports to live projects and project and application.


Pultruded materials and structures are rapidly gaining access into the world of development and constructional work paradigm, having its multidimensional use and application. With the essential and most regarding properties like high tenacity, lesser in weight, non conducive and non corrosive elemental features, FRP materials are changing the whole dynamics of building and constructional work, and FRP pultrusions gradually leading the path in this regard..

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