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Roofing and Cladding Products

Roofing & Cladding

FRP Roofing & Cladding modify the Whole Dynamics of Conventional Roofing

FRP Roofing and Cladding can be of various use and importance to almost each and every functional arena. It can be used with or without the asbestos or cement roofing, Galvanized roofing or industrial roofing sheets for allowing the lights fall uniformly and scatter in almost equal magnitude. However, here is the most significant part, as the FRP roofing materials can be made available in various colors, sizes, thicknessess and utilizations. These are used mostly in every sphere of human application and function, as like factories and firms, warehouse and storage facility, swimming pools and garden shade, and even in terrace of homes and houses. These are also available in various shapes and sizes and customization can be made according to the specific needs and requirements.

Walkable FRP roofing

FRP walk able roofing panel is one which is highly resistant to puncture as well as various erosion and corrosion works of diverse environmental conditions. These are much rugged and durable in use and application. They can stand heavy foot traffic without damaging the material due to heavy weights of the foot traffic. These are highly efficient in respect of fire resistance and any kinds of leakage.

FRP Wall Cladding Sheeting

FRP composite wall cladding and sheeting and other panel are widely used in the various walls and ceiling cover and cladding. They are mostly used in the various building and construction work industries. It offers significant features and applications like, it is resistant to various mold and bacteria growth. It provides high strength and tenacity, moisture, chemical and stains resistance. FRP wall cladding is much easier to install and therefore, it reduces the overall maintenance cost.

Industrial FRP Gutters, Louvres, & Ridge Vents

FRP Gutters, louvers and ridge vents are generally and widely used in the chemical factories and industries, to facilitate and provide safe and efficient drainage of various industrial wastes and products like alkali, acid, waste products and sewer, and other chemicals. These are mostly corrosion resistant, easy to maintain, have a very good insulating quality and capability, light weight, easy to install and have high chemical resistive features and low maintenance cost.

FRP Beams and Purlins

FRP beams purlins are considered as the constructional beams and support structures which are used in various constructional and building works. These are mostly used due to their high corrosion resistive features and applications. These also enhance ultimate safety and security features due to their non conductive and non magnetic properties. These are very light weight in comparison to other conventional beams and supports. FRP beams also provide high strength and long lifecycle which ultimately results in lowering the overall maintenance cost.

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