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Roofing and Cladding Products

Fabricated FRP Structures

Fabricated FRP Structures Form Matrix of Modern Buildings & Architecture

Typical Fabricated FRP structures include beam structure, column structure and plate structures. Most of the buildings based on the fiberglass platform generally use fabricated FRP core panels. Platforms and various decking materials and other related grating that involves handrail and other similar materials need to use the fabricated FRP structural grating to provide maximum utility and application. These types of fabricated structures are mostly found in walkways and platforms, loading and floor platforms, cage and ladder application, pollution control system roofs and covers and various other arena and use.

Engineered FRP Access Platform Structures

Engineered FRP access platform structures are very essential for various industries use and function. However these are widely used in the various plants for treating waste water, various chemical plants, and other similar industrial function. It is also used in the various customized fabricated FRP Platforms to provide efficiency and reach to tanks and various other equipment accesses. In addition, it is also used in the arena of mezzanines, handrail and stair products and also in cat walks platforms.

Complete FRP Buildings

FRP products are widely used throughout the world making the superior buildings all over. These products are mostly used in the construction industry and firms, developing modern buildings and architectures. This is widely in use for its unique and efficient features like mold resistance, resistance to dew and bacterial growth, high tenacity, resistance to moisture, resistant to chemical and stains, easy installation features and low in maintenance cost. These have been the matrix of the modern buildings and architectures around the world.

FRP Structural Marine & Coastal Structures

FRP composite products and materials are gaining extensive usage and application in marine and coastal structures and development due to their high resistive strength and supreme durable characteristics and features. FRP materials are used mostly in the construction and developmental work in and around various marine and coastal need and requirement. Apart from providing superior material in the context of boat and ship building, they also provide efficient support in the context of deck and platform manufacturing, owing to their superior strength and durability along with other essential features.

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