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  • FRP channels
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  • Pultrusions

Roofing & Cladding

  • Walkable FRP roofing
  • FRP wall cladding sheeting
  • Industrial FRP gutters, louvres &
    ridge vents
  • FRP beams and purlins

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  • Engineered FRP access
    platform structures
  • Complete FRP buildings
  • FRP structural marine &
    coastal structures

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ArchitEX: FRP/Fibreglass Beams, Sections & Pultrusions

ArchitEX is Treadwell's unique range of FRP structural profiles, which is continually undergoing research and development to ensure satisfactory and reliable use in the most demanding structural conditions. The product range includes various FRP profiles including SHS, RHS, Pipe, C-Sections, and I-Sections.

These include the structures involving pultrusions and the associated fibreglass sections which actively take part in making the architecture strong and rewarding. Durable components, including fibreglass sections, are used to make the services and framework look strong. They would be able to counter the countless environmental inconsistencies.

From structural and engineered structures to industrial roofing and siding products, the complete range of ArchitEX FRP solutions boasts of extended and superior UV protection and stability, which is again an exclusive feature of ArchitEX. These options can be effectively included with the fabricated structures which involve better viewing and can easily tolerate the modifications in the environment.

Treadwell, over the years, has been providing many solutions to a broad range of industries including roofing and siding for galvanising facilities, structures for lead, zinc, silver process plants and access platforms for wastewater treatment plants with adept attentiveness and results. The structures created by us include better frameworks which are resistant to corrosion, asserting higher levels of maintenance.

Some of the basic options pertaining to structural magnificence are as follows:

Structural FRP

These include the specialized options of the multiple FRP channels and FRP beams which can hold along the structures well. The angles and panels are specifically created to tolerate the natural ailments hitting the shores often. The profiles associated with each can be duly customized with added pultrusions into the constructive framework. This process involves manufacturing of various composite structures with constant and varying cross-sections. Pulling out the reinforced options alongside the fibers and resins can be an effective option with this process involving vinyl ester and epoxy.

Fabricated FRP’s

These include the platform structures which are effectively included into the hierarchy. Complete building framework can be created using the fiberglass resistant plastic which in turn makes for better coastal and marine structures.

Roofing and Cladding Options

FRP purlins are used here to construct walkable roofing alongside the louvers and the vents associated with each. Wall cladding is also used here to promote better strategies for attaining constructive brilliance.

Varying product range associated with our services

  • • FRP Grating Products
  • • FRP Pultruded Grating and Stair Treads
  • • FRP Grating Installation Accessories
  • • FRP Grating Clips
  • • FRP Round Tubular Handrail
  • • FRP Adjustable Round Handrail
  • • FRP Heavy Duty Balustrading
  • • Fibreglass Ergonomic Handrail
  • • FRP Vertical Ladders
  • • Fibreglass Caged vertical Ladders
  • • Fibreglass Custom Manufactured Platforms
  • • FRP Baffle and Tank Walling Systems
  • • Complete Fibreglass Platform design assistance
  • • Fibreglass Grating with Marine Grade Grit
  • • Pultrusions
  • • Customised Concrete Embedment Pultrusions
  • • Pultruded I-Beams
  • • Fibreglass I-Beams
  • • Pultruded C-Channels
  • • Fibreglass C-Channels
  • • Pultruded Equal Leg Angle
  • • Fibreglass Equal Leg Angle
  • • Pultruded Rectangular Sections
  • • Fibreglass Rectangular Sections

For further information on TREADWELLS FRP Handrail, Fibreglass Handrail or GRP Handrail, feel free to call us via the toll free number 1800 246 800. Our most recent brochure is under construction and will soon be available to the clients.

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